David Leoce - Four Decades Serving the Community


An alumnus of Jones College, David Leoce earned a BS in accounting and business management. Concurrently to his studies, he enrolled in ground school and took private flying lessons before earning his private pilot’s license. He completed both instrument and commercial training. Upon his graduation, David Leoce initially planned to join the air force, but the end of the Vietnam War and returning pilots meant that the air force could not guarantee him a place in flight school. Instead, he decided to apply his other skills in the service of the government and joined the IRS as a revenue agent.

After completing a two-month training, Mr. Leoce was assigned to the IRS field offices in Daytona Beach, Florida. There, he spent five years auditing a number of private individuals and businesses. In 1982, he earned promotion to the position of special agent for the IRS Criminal Division. After receiving federal law enforcement training and field training under the supervision of a senior agent he was transferred to the Orlando field office. Mr. Leoce was responsible for conducting a number of investigations of individuals involved in criminal enterprises such as drug distribution, money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. Over this period, he collaborated with the US Attorney’s Office, the FBI, DEA, ATF,US Customs, US Secret Service,US Postal Inspector and local and state law enforcement agencies. In 1994, he was promoted to supervising special agent, overseeing an office of 13 agents.

David Leoce retired from the Treasury Department in 2010. He continues to work in the community as a volunteer at his local church.